Terms and Conditions

Customer upon booking with Party Girls Melbourne accepts and agrees to the following terms of liability that Party Girls Melbourne acts as a booking agent that engages the services of independent contractors.
Contractors are not staff of Party Girls Melbourne.
All contractors are subject to availability.
The contractor is responsible for providing their own liability insurance and professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur.
Party Girls Melbourne accepts no responsibility or liability for any action from a contractor during the hours booked.
Any injury to persons or damage from property (including theft) caused by a contractor is a legal matter between the client (you) and the contractor of Party Girls Melbourne.
Party Girls Melbourne has the right to replace the contractor if assigned contractor is unable to complete their booked shift.
The hired contractor is strictly not to be photographed or videoed and under no circumstance should the performer be physically touched by any patrons attending the event with out prior consent from the contractor. Our contractors are not sex workers and will not tolerate being asked to do anything more then what the service states on the Party Girls Melbourne website.
The contractor will not tolerate derogative slurs or intoxicated behaviour of any kind during the booking.
Mobile phones are not to be used around the contractors, if a contractor has asked a guest to put their mobile phone away, this is to be followed otherwise the contractor can terminate the booking immediately.
All audience members and guests of the event are to be over the age of 18.
If any suspicions arise of underage audience member, the booking will be terminated with no refund. As an adult performer we are required to apply with Australia law and legislation and contractors will have the right to RSA members of the event.
You are required to provide a room for the entertainer to change into his/her costume as well as a clean, dry area for the booked performance.
If you are planning your entertainer to be a surprise, please let us know when booking.
If you break any terms, the show will be stopped and no refund will be offered. Please explain this to your guests on how you expect them to behave before the show.
When making a booking you acknowledge that performer selection is a preference only. We cannot guarantee their availability, however you will be informed if they are occupied.
Party Girls Melbourne has the right to replace the contractor if they suddenly become unavailable.
If the client (you) is not satisfied with the replaced performer, the client is not entitled to a refunded payment and the remaining bill is to be paid in full.
Travel fee will occur if the performer is required to travel 30km out of the Melbourne CBD.
Travel fees are calculated at 1.75c per km.
Cancellations are to be phoned and emailed to Party Girls Melbourne 48hrs before the booking starts.
No payment will be refunded if a cancellation occurs.
You will receive a refunded payment if Party Girls Melbourne has had to cancel the performer/s prior to your event.

Thank you.

Party Girls Melbourne Team.